The Best Auto Body Repair Shop is a Female Friendly Shop

There are more women drivers on the road than there are men according to research by the University of Michigan. Every driver has to visit an auto body shop – an industry that has a reputation for being a boys club.

The best auto repair shop caters to all of its clients. It’s not about adding pink to your decor!

Not sure how to stand out from the traditional crowd? Here’s a few tips.

Be Trustworthy & Transparent

The number one thing you can do to cater to every car-owner who comes across your business, either in person or online, is to be trustworthy. The best way to build trust is to be honest and transparent about everything, including pricing and sharing vehicle safety and repair information.

Be Welcoming & Considerate

Think of your clients and their experience with you.

  • Hire female mechanics, LGBTQ mechanics, and mechanics of color.
  • Explain exactly what the repairs will entail and what they’ll cost.
  • Answer questions thoroughly.
  • All staff should be kind, considerate, and courteous to all customers.
  • Create a welcoming atmosphere for clients to wait.
  • Keep clean and well stocked bathrooms.
  • Consider safety and entertainment for children.
  • Offer courtesy rides.
  • Offer resources and information about car care, like the Jessican YouTube channel.

Post Testimonials and Reviews Online

Ask your clients for testimonials or reviews and post them online. You can have a tablet in the waiting area or email a link to collect testimonials on your website or Google. Building social proof of great service is one of the best ways to build an honest relationship with potential clients.

Get Certified offers a Female Friendly Certification to auto-repair businesses in the U.S. and Canada. All certified shops have gone through training to recognize and address the needs of female customers. The Ask Patty badge on your website can go a long way in building trust with female drivers.

Host Women-Only Events

Make women feel supported and welcome by hosting events that bring them into your business. Consider a ladies car-care clinic or even a breast cancer awareness event. Remember that the key to being a female friendly auto repair business is building trust and relationships.

Have Integrity

Always always always follow through with your promises. If you say you’re going to do something, do it!

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