Many consumers aren’t aware of their rights and choices when it comes to repairing their car.

The following points are here to help clarify what you are entitled to after an accident.

  • You can send you car to the shop of your choice after an accident. Don’t let your insurance company tell you where to take your car, you pay them, you make the choice.
  • Your car can be towed to the shop of your choice after an accident or from impound, your insurance company can’t tell you otherwise.
  • Make sure your insurance company writes your estimate at our repair facility and not at your home or business. We can negotiate with your insurance company to make sure you get the repair you deserve.
  • If your car was towed after an accident you have the right to have it towed to the shop of your choice, even if they say the other shop has started repairs.
  • You DO NOT have to get more than one estimate. After an accident you can have your car towed to the shop of your choice.
  • You DO NOT have to visit your insurance company’s drive through claims center. All you have to do is file the claim via telephone and let us take it from there.