Member Benefits

Take Advantage of AASP/MA’s Cost-Savings Benefits for Members


As part of your membership with AASP/MA you have access to:


  • A cost-savings group dental plan
  • Discounted and fee-free credit card processing
  • A cost-savings group healthcare plan
  • FREE money for training via workforce grants
  • SEO Services to improve your online presence
  • Website Marketing, inform and communicate with your customers



Altus Dental Plan

By way of partnering with Bronze-level VAP participant Altus Dental, association members in good standing can take part in a dental insurance plan with competitive cost savings of 10 to 30 percent. AASP/MA’s plan will be open to shops that have as few as two employees on board. Plan participants can have access to Altus Dental’s support tools and HR hotline. Offered through the Magellan Insurance Agency, contact Steve Walsh at (718)-740-0064 or email

Chosen Payments

Through an exclusive partnership with Silver-level VAP participant Chosen Payments (a division of Aurora Payments), members of AASP/MA can get special discounted credit card processing rates. Chosen Payments will conduct a side-by-side comparison of all members current credit card processing fees. If Chosen Payments is unable to beat the current processing rates, they will pay the member $500 for simply participating in a rate comparison. Contact Sean Broderick at (443)-866-1786 or email

Amato Insurance Agency/World Insurance

Via a partnership with Bronze-level VAP participant Amato Agency (a division of World Insurance), AASP/MA members can take part in a group health plan with competitive rates. Contact Joe Amato, Jr. at (732)-530-6740, ext. 412 or email

Human Power Solutions

Via a partnership with Silver-level VAP participant Human Power Solutions, AASP/MA members can obtain grant money available via the Massachusetts workforce training fund as well as explore additional training and development solutions. Contact Sandra Kearney at (617)-575-9959 or email

Moonraker SEO

Through a partnership with Bronze-level VAP participation Moonraker SEO, AASP/MA members can work with the Moonraker SEO team to grow your business through advanced local and organic SEO services. Contact Chris Morin at (413)-341-0347 or email

cPrax Website Marketing

Your Auto Body Shop’s website has NEVER been more important than it is now. If you are not able to connect with your customers DIGITALLY, then your customers are very likely to seek out an auto body shop that can. Bill Enross has been providing website marketing services to auto body shops since 1999. Contact Bill at (508)-801-0593, or email.