Collision Industry Conference (CIC) Seebachan Interview

Interview at the Collision Industry Conference, Las Vegas NV – November 5th, 2019

“When I saw the fire rise up under my legs, it was at that point that I knew my life was in danger,” A rescuer “was having a little trouble getting me out because my feet were trapped under the pedals”


  1. Evangelos "Lucky" Papageorg Executive Director

    Please take the time to watch and listen to this entire interview. If you are a collision repairer, have your staff do the same. Give the link to insurance appraisers and independents you deal with. They have a responsibility to pay to have you do the repairs properly per OEM specifications. You must research and follow those specifications so that a tragedy such as this is NEVER repeated. The liability is ALL YOURS. You have no right to “roll the dice” for your customer or any subsequent owner of the vehicle. As a collision repairer you do not want to be known as the John Eagle Collision shop of the Northeast.

    Use this valuable to tool to educate your customers as to why you MUST perform proper repairs per OEM standards and be paid to do so. Without proper reimbursement you can not be expected to take on the liability of fixing a vehicle to save insurers or customers money. YOUR ONLY OBLIGATION IS TO SAVE LIVES!!!!

  2. Bruce Hoffner

    So aasp/ma is fortunate to have a director to recommend that all auto body repairers, save them selfs from certain disaster. WATCH this
    Why won’t sharks attack insurance damage appraisers … professional courtesy.


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