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AASPMAOverview of the Massachusetts Automobile Insurance Policy

AASPMAMassachusetts Automobile Insurance Policy


Overview of Statutes, Regulations, and  Administrative Authorities Pertaining to the Autobody Industry


Directive 99-10: Automobile Repainting


Overview of First- and Third-Party Claims


Definition of Payment Systems

AASPMAHow to use the Authorization to Repair Form


Repair Authorization Form


Oral Repair Authorization Form


Self-Help Remedies for Getting Paid in Full

AASPMAChapter 26: Section 8G. Auto damage appraiser licensing board; appraisers; licensing; damage reports; seal

AASPMALicensing Requirements: Motor Vehicle Damage Appraiser

Miscellaneous Forms

AASPMATraining Courses: Motor Vehicle Damage Appraisers

AASPMANotice of Demand for an Endorsement of an Insurance Check or Draft (To obtain lienholder’s endorsement on a check.)

AASPMADemand for Enforcement of Garagekeepers’ Lien (To notify your customer or lienholder that you intend to exercise your rights under the Garagekeepers’ Lien.)

AASPMAAppraisal Item Denial Form (Items denied by insurance carrier.)

AASPMAApplication Information for Compliance Decals

AASPMAApplication for Motor Vehicle Damage Appraiser License

AASPMAApplication for Registered Motor Vehicle Repair Shop


Licensing Requirements: Motor Vehicle Damage Appraiser