Newsletter January 2012

January, 2012 – What Are Your Resolutions For 2012?

As we begin 2012, we expect that you have set some goals for yourself to work on during the coming year.Perhaps you’ve joined a gym and will try to drop a few extra pounds that have “mysteriously” shown up around your mid-section, or that you’ve already penciled in the dates of a few extra days you’re going to take off from work and spend them with your spouse or the grandchildren.We hope you will be able to do those things and much more in 2012.Also, we hope that you have made some resolutions about your business for the year ahead. Perhaps you’ve determined that it’s time to make your physical facility more inviting to customers – neaten up the exterior, maybe a fresh coat of paint or an update to the sign that will give your business better visibility. Maybe 2012 will be the year that you finally clean up the junk that has accumulated around the office and customer seating area in order to project a more professional image to everyone.We hope you’ll keep going with your resolutions. In fact, AASP wants to help you with them. Will this be the year that you take about a couple of dozen extra hours and invest them in getting to know more of what’s going on in your industry? Will you attend a few AASP events that will help you do that? Will you invest some time in technical training for your production people or some shop management training for yourself and your administrative and operations staff? And, how about taking a few moments to help your industry in promoting its important legislative agenda at the State House on bills like the Labor Rate Bill or fighting against the DRP and Fraud bills promoted by the insurance companies?You see, AASP lives by its resolutions every day of the year because we can’t take a day off on the independent auto repair industry in Massachusetts. Every day, for us, is January 1st. But, AASP cannot accomplish anything without a lot of support from people like you. So, when we ask you to help our causes during the coming year, please remember your resolutions to help your business and your industry in 2012. And, good luck with losing that weight.