Newsletter February 2012

February, 2012 – Are You Ready?

We’ve all heard the cliché: “The future is now.” Well, that cliché is very much the truth when it comes to automobiles. And, repairing those automobiles now, and in the future, is going to require a big investment in technician training, tools and equipment, and business management skills.With the clock ticking (2016) on mileage requirements for all automakers, we are going to see higher-strength, lighter materials act as the “skin” of future vehicles.

Some of these materials are being used already, but imagine the day when virtually all vehicle panels are made using “exotic” metals and composites. You may see that day very soon. Are you ready to work on those vehicles?

Do you have the proper equipment and tools, are your technicians knowledgeable of the techniques they will need to make proper repairs, and are you, as the shop owner ready with the business skills (marketing, operations, standard operating procedures, financial management, administration, etc.) you will need to compete in your market?When we ask if you’re ready, we’re not just talking about repairing the skin of the vehicle.

No, mechanical parts and systems are becoming even more integrated with the vehicle computer systems, to say nothing of the new Internet-integrated systems and screens that are coming in the next few years. A vehicle that has been damaged in an accident is going to require all kinds of new skills and techniques of repair before it gets back out on the road, and our members must be ready. We need to prepare ourselves for this future by building these skills and techniques starting now. Are you ready?