Newsletter December 2012

Damage Report December 2012 – CCRE Seminar Offers Timely Advice

Throughout the Fall of 2012, AASP hosted a three-part series of seminars presented by the Coalition for Collision Repair Excellence (CCRE). This was the first time that a trade association hosted the entire series of seminars within a reasonable period of time (September 15th – December 1st) in a local area so that shops wouldn’t have to travel long distances or wait a year-and-a-half (the normal duration of time) to get all of the information. Over two dozen people attended and, by that measure alone, we felt it was a success. But, true success can only be measured when some of those participants have the time to implement plans to run their businesses in a more independent fashion by using the timely advice offered by the professionals at the CCRE.

We call the advice “timely” because the last few years have brought ever more intrusions by insurance companies into the daily operations of body shops in Massachusetts. Just about on a daily basis, our offices field phone calls from mostly angry shop owners and managers who relate the most recent horror story regarding how insurers are reaching deeper and deeper into their pockets, leaving very little in the way of profit for shops. After fielding so many calls and reading the massive amount of frustration in our members’ voices, AASP decided that it was best for our industry to hear from the “people who wrote the book” on operating a truly independent body shop with minimal intrusion from insurers.

As this seminar series progressed through the fall season, we did hear from several shop owners who expressed their regret for not being able to attend due to conflicts with seminar dates and other reasons. But, considering the success of the series and the fact that just about every attendee thought this was a great seminar series, we are looking forward to hosting this kind of event again during 2013. If you are one of those people who would like to have AASP host the CCRE Seminar Series this year, please contact our office at (800) 988-4378 x 102 so that we can begin the planning process.