Vote “YES” on HB 4868 (HB1111)

What can you do as a legislator? Vote “YES” on HB 4868 An act to set a minimum reimbursement to the claimant 

Massachusetts vehicle owners have had enough of insurers taking advantage of them, especially within hours of drivers experiencing an accident when they are most vulnerable and traumatized. Help stop runaway insurance profits! 

HB 4868 (HB 1111) is a legislative act to set a minimum labor reimbursement rate to the claimants of collision damaged vehicles for the procedures required to safely restore the vehicle to its pre-loss condition and functionality. It addresses the inadequate labor reimbursement rate insures are paying their policyholders who have had a loss. By making an inadequate reimbursement insurers are restricting the vehicle owner’s freedom of choice of where to get their vehicle repaired and causing them to pay more out of pocket for safe and proper repairs.


What can you do as a legislator? Vote “YES” on HB 4868 An act to set a minimum reimbursement to the claimant.

What is happening to automobile owners in Massachusetts?

Vehicle owners have lost their freedom of choice regarding where to get their collision damaged vehicle safely repaired without additional out of pocket expense because their insurer refuses to pay a fair and equitable labor reimbursement rate.

Voting “YES” on HB 4868 (HB1111) Prevents insurers from achieving runaway, record breaking profits by short changing vehicle owners when they are in need of collision damage repairs.

Voting “YES” on HB 4868 (HB 1111) Will force insurers to pay for safe repairs at a fair and equitable labor reimbursement rate and better protect the vehicle owner from the rising costs of repairs on today’s technologically advanced vehicles.

HB 1111

Collision repairers are being forced to pass on the increasing expense of repairing today’s vehicles to the vehicle owner because insurers have failed to keep pace with the increase in repair costs associated with today’s technologically advanced vehicles.


Insurers are forcing collision repairers to pass along increased costs which should be covered by the insurance policy, because of the extremely low and artificially suppressed labor reimbursement rates they pay their claimants.

Collision repairers are forced to pass on the additional expense or go out of business!
Who will repair your wreck when the collision repair industry is wrecked beyond repair????

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