ADALB’s Advisory Ruling Rescinded!


July 21, 2015

At this morning’s ADALB meeting, the 2014-1 advisory ruling was rescinded by a 3-2 vote.

Rick Starbard, Bill Johnson and Joe Coyne voted in the affirmative to remove the former ruling!

Re: Advisory Ruling 2014-01

The Auto Damage Appraiser Licensing Board is authorized to issue licenses to all motor vehicle damage appraisers in the Commonwealth (licensed appraisers) 212 CMR 2.02, regulate the manner of conducting motor vehicle damage appraisals 212 CMR 2.04, and to issue Advisory Rulings pursuant to 212 CMR 2.01(3) and M.G.L. c. 30A, §8.

Pursuant to its authority, the Auto Damage Appraiser Licensing Board voted by a majority vote at the Board’s meeting held on May 20, 2014, to adopt this Advisory Ruling.


The Auto Damage Appraiser Licensing Board has passed a motion agreeing that an appraisal conducted by a licensed appraiser via review of quality video or digital images with documentation meets the requirements of 212 CMR 2.04(1)(d) “The appraiser shall personally inspect the damaged motor vehicle and shall rely primarily on that personal inspection in making that appraisal….”

This Advisory Ruling shall be effective upon posting on the Auto Damage Appraiser Licensing Board public website. Failure to comply with this ruling could result in fines and penalties as provided for by law.