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Gonnello SEOHelping You Succeed!

AASPMA is proud to have secured member benefits from Gonnello SEO, a Global SEO and Website company. Their work has made powerful impacts on many business from sole proprietors to global companies including Victorinox Swiss Army.

Scott Gonnello is considered one of the best SEO consultants in America and works with companies of all sizes. He has put together 5 different benefits to help you succeed more efficiently in this challenging economy.

Free Website & SEO Review

Gonnello SEO will review your website and give you an in-depth review and explanation of your website and it’s SEO capabilities. This is a free service to our members and will cover a lot of details that are important if you want to get found and turn your traffic into sales. The review can be followed up by a call explaining the results, if you’d like. To get started simply fill out the form by clicking here.

Website Upgrades

Discounts on any website conversions – if you need to upgrade your current website or convert it to a more robust searchable website, Gonnello SEO will give you a 25% discount off of the conversion. A savings of up to $500.00 depending on the size and complexity of the current website.

SEO Packages

Special pricing on monthly SEO packages tailored for your specific needs. SEO is the heartbeat of any company’s website. The internet is the only place people go to look for commercials (your website). SEO helps drive traffic to your website and ultimately help your business. When done right, SEO can be your best form of marketing and cost less than conventional marketing. To get an SEO quote simply fill out the form by clicking here.


If you are a member that likes to maintain your own website and could use some help with SEO then this is perfect. SEO algorithms change daily but the SEO mistakes rarely change. It’s safer to learn about SEO by avoiding the mistakes than by trying to learn outdated techniques.

Scott Gonnello, the owner of Gonnello SEO, is a global SEO consultant and works with clients like Victorinox Swiss Army and other large companies throughout the world. He is a business author and just published another book titled Common SEO Mistakes: Basic Edition

You can either purchase the book on Kindle for $4.99 by clicking here or join the membership site. The membership site has the entire book but has added benefits that makes it worth while joining.

You can view the 25 most common SEO mistakes, comment on them, ask questions about them, learn about them and review the new SEO mistakes as they build this ever growing database. As more books are written the website will add them and let members read them before they are published. This is a knowledge database for SEO mistakes that is interactive and very powerful.

We have secured a 50% discount for all AASP-MA members and just the SEO Q&A benefits is like having a consultant when you need it most. As more people ask questions the database grows for everyone to learn and sharpen their SEO skills.

Sign Up today at 50% off the membership rate by clicking here!

Seminars & Workshops

Gonnello SEO will offer free seminars or workshops for members one to two times per year at our quarterly meetings. Workshops can be on anything from websites success to social marketing, SEO, Yelp Reviews or anything related to succeeding on the internet. Contact AASP-MA for topics and booking information.