Our Vision

Our Vision

Updated March 2015: If AASP-MA had no barriers to achieving it’s goals, what would we look like at the end of 2018?

The Board set out to answer that question and after an intensive and productive Strategic Planning initiative here is what we came up with.

  • We focus on advancing the collision industry
  • We make you a more successful business owner
  • We work to solve industry wide problems
  • We are the experts for our industry and we have “Right” on our side
  • We have the intestinal fortitude, resources, and determination to win

Critical Success Factors 2015

  • ADALB Change: check out our two pieces of legislation aimed at creating a better licensing Board.
  • Increase membership: There is strength in numbers and your support is critical to our success!
  • 212 CMR: Be a part of the conversation, these changes effect the way you do business every day.
  • Focus our Messaging: Check out our new newsletter format designed to get you breaking news the moment it happens
  • Vocational Technical Instructors engage with us: Vocational Technical Schools are educating the future of our industry today. Be a part of a better tomorrow. All Voc schools are offered complimentary membership to this organization.